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Atlantic White is a precious and exclusive white stone, with deep light grey veins. Thanks to its sophisticated and elegant design Atlantic White will elevate any project from ordinary to extraordinary. A spectacular material that will place the spotlight on floors, walls or countertops.




As each stone is unique, sizes of blocks and slabs will vary upon availability. In addition, standard size tiles, mosaics and special cut-to-size tiles are available upon request.


Standard slab thickness is 1.8cm, 2.0cm and 3.0cm for all materials. However, other thicknesses may be available upon request.


Standard stock finish is polished which is the most characteristic finish, achieving an inimitable effect that reflects light and objects like a mirror. In order to adapt to different consumer tastes and market trends in interior design and architecture, specialty and textured finishes such as honed, bush-hammered, aged, sandblasted, leathered, and others are also available upon request.

Architectural Applications:

interior floors, exterior floors, interior walls, stairs, furniture, kitchen and bathroom countertops are some of the applications where this material can shine in all its splendour, resulting in ambiences of sublime elegance.

Supply and Production Capability:

Mingjie Stone owns and operates the quarry where this material is extracted as well as the factories where it is processed. Added to an extraordinary logistics and distribution network, constant supply across the world is guaranteed.

Please contact us for more details and availability.

Atlantic White Blocks

Atlantic White Slabs

Atlantic White slab 2
Atlantic White slab 3
Atlantic White slab 4
Atlantic White slab

Project Applications with Atlantic White

Atlantic White Project 1
Atlantic White Project 2
Atlantic White Project 3
Atlantic White Project 4
Atlantic White Project 5
Atlantic White Project 6

Summary of Test Results

No.Test ItemsStandard ValueTest ResultsTest MethodJudgement
1Radionuclide LimitInternal Exposure Index (Ira)≤1.0<0.1GB 6566-2010Qualified
External Exposure Index (Iγ)≤1.3<0.1Qualified
2Density, g/cm3≥2.602.85GB/T 9966.3-2001Qualified
3Water Absorption, %≤0.500.13GB/T 9966.3-2001Qualified
4Compressive StrengthDry Compressive Strength, MPa≥52127GB/T 9966.1-2001Qualified
5Flexural StrengthDry Flexural strength, MPa≥7.020.6GB/T 9966.2-2001Qualified
6Abrasion Resistance, 1/cm3≥1030GB/T 9966.4-2001Qualified

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