At Mingjie Stone Group, we continue to recognize that responsible environmental protection and corporate social responsibility are integral components of today´s business world. We have recognized as corporate priorities, environmental management and the support of local communities, and we integrate environmental and social factors in the decision-making process for the Company and its subsidiaries. As we continue to develop and build on our existing exploration and mining assets, and pursue additional opportunities around the world, we will remain committed to maintaining the high standards of environmental protection and corporate social responsibility that we have established.


With charitable giving as one of our core values, we at Mingjie Stone strive to make the world around us more beautiful, friendly, and sustainable. Mingjie Stone is particularly committed to the improvement of the local communities where it carries out its business.

One of the rewarding aspects of our quarrying operations in Namibia, is the positive socio-economic impact that developing new quarries can have on local populations. Mingjie Stone has carried out several donations to support the less privileged families in Karibib, Namibia.

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Mingjie Stone´s commitment to the environment is based on the fundamental pillars of sustainability and business ethics, covering the whole product lifecycle.

In the area of sustainability Mingjie Stone focuses on answering the concerns of all stakeholders about the environment, as well as giving clients high-quality products with the added value of respect for the environment and the protection of human health.

  • Efficient Production: using the most advanced technology with special emphasis on improving energy efficiency, saving and recycling water as well as respect for the environment.
  • Water Treatment Systems: promoting ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and value waste.
  • Restoration: restoring damaged areas with appropriate inert natural stone waste.
  • Dissemination: promoting the dissemination and awareness of pollution prevention and sustainable development at all levels of the production chain.
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Occupational Health and Safety is one of the fundamentals of Mingjie Stone’s mission. To be a leader in the Natural Stone sector also means leading the sector in standards of Health and Safety. Mingjie Stone reaffirms this commitment with its workers, contractors, communities and clients to provide a safe working environment. The activities of Mingjie Stone are focused on providing the necessary means to implement a culture of safety at all levels and in all the operations the company carries out across the world.

For Mingjie Stone Group, people are one of its strategic assets. Guaranteeing their Safety, Health and Welfare by incorporating prevention mechanisms is a priority which must be acted on by developing effective policies to confront risks at work. Mingjie Stone is committed to providing high quality training regarding all occupational risks and the corresponding preventive measures, along the entire organization.

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People that make up our great Mingjie Family represent the core of everything. This concept spans globally and regards our employees not just as a professional resource, but also within a personal and family scope. This approach is what inspires our workers from day to day, whether in strategic decisions or in the way they manage their teams.

mingjie Corporate Social Responsibility people


Our policy for relationships with our suppliers consists of working as a team to ensure the excellence of all our products and services. With this goal in mind, we select suppliers who share our business vision and are familiar with our needs.

Mingjie Stone is committed to maximizing local and national economic benefits from our contracting and purchasing. We are aware of the high priority that host governments and communities place on local procurement. In sourcing the goods and services necessary to run our operations, we give preference to local businesses where possible, provided they meet minimum safety, quality, ethical, and cost requirements.

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