A Quarry of Talent

Mingjie Stone Group is a leading company in the quarrying, processing and marketing of natural stone. Mingjie is also a leading manufacturer of diamond segments and high performance diamond gang saw blades for cutting natural stone. The group has a global presence in 3 continents, directly employing around 1,000 people.

At Mingjie, the human team is a very important asset to serve. Mingjie dedicates its efforts to identify and satisfy the legitimate needs of its people, to help them fulfil their aspirations and make the most out of their capabilities. People and their abilities are key to pushing the company to a continuous growth that leads to the achievement of excellent results.

To apply for a job in Mingjie, please send an email to mingjie@mingjie.es with your CV and contact details. By sending this email you have read and accepted the Legal Terms and the Privacy Policy of Mingjie. You are fully informed of everything that is described in it, and you consent the processing of your personal data for the purposes described.