Mingjie Diamond Tools is the leading manufacturer of high performance diamond gang saw blades for cutting marble and natural stone. This subsidiary of Mingjie Stone Group has its headquarters in China with an R&D department made up of 78 employees. Moreover, the company has subsidiaries in Spain, Egypt and Turkey. In all these locations, we produce diamond gang saw blades and offer an integral service of assembly and after sales technical service.

We carry out all kinds of tests to our diamond gang saw blades before launching any product to the market. We are the only company in the industry of diamond gang saw blades for cutting marble that has its own multi-blade gang saw machines available for testing. Due to this, we can assure each client a quality cut from the first day.



Mingjie Stone Group was founded in China in 1993 as a company dedicated to the processing of marble and other types of natural stone. In 1995, after two years of operations, we decided to create a subsidiary with the aim of improving the production process to obtain a higher productivity from scarce natural resources. Thus, reducing the environmental impact caused by the extraction and processing of natural stone.

After many years of huge efforts of our R&D team, we were able to launch to the market a special diamond segment able to assemble in thinner steel strips. Despite being thinner, our diamond segments offer similar or superior sawing quality than other thicker diamonds segments. Mingjie Diamond Tools is in a continuous improvement process to always be at the forefront and offer the best possible performance to the marble and natural stone industry. In 2016, as a reward for the effort and investment in R&D, we launched the revolutionary ALIFORM© diamond to the market. This diamond offers a longer life span, better sawing quality and greater performance.

Bloque cortado con laminas de alto rendimiento Mingjie


Our R&D team is continuously working in the development and improvement of high performance diamond segments for gang saw blades. We are exclusively dedicated to manufacturing high performance diamond gang saw blades. Our customers can benefit from an increase in productivity of between 10%-15% (m2/m3) out of each block of natural stone that is cut with our products.

We have a variety of diamond segments that adapt to the different types of natural stone to be sawed. Our technical team will make the most appropriate recommendation according to the specific needs of each client.



By having thinner steel and diamond segments, more diamond gang saw blades can be assembled in the same multi-blade gang saw frame. Thus, with diamond segments of 3.35mm, an increase of up to 10% of m2 in slabs per each m3 of block can be obtained. Additionally, with diamond segments of 2.50mm, a productivity increase of up to 15% can be obtained in terms of m2 per m3. This implies a greater profitability with the same cost of raw material and other resources used in the production process.

In addition, by making a better use of each block, the production of mud or waste is reduced by up to 33% with diamond segments of 3.35mm. By using 2.50mm diamond segments mud or waste reduction can reach up to 50%.

In conclusion, our diamond gang saw blades can optimize the performance and productivity of multi-blade marble and natural stone gang saw machines.

Aliform Diamond Segments
MJ rectangular diamond segment

MJ Rectangular Diamond

Available Widths




MJ trapezoidal diamond

MJ Trapezoidal Diamond

Available Widths




Mj Aliform diamond segment for marble


Available Widths




2.50mm space - web

1.50mm Gang Saw Blades

Marble block cut with Mingjie high performance diamond gang saw Blades

Width of steel strip 1.50mm

Width of diamond segment 2.50mm

Space between slabs 2.50mm

3.00mm space

1.75mm Gang Saw Blades

Marble block cut with Mingjie high performance diamond gang saw blades

Width of steel strip 1.75mm

Width of diamond segment 3.00mm

Space between slabs 3.00mm

Diamond Gang Saw Blades 2.00mm

2.00mm Gang Saw Blades

Marble block cut with Mingjie high performance diamond gang saw blades

Width of steel strip 2.00mm

Width of diamond segment 3.35mm

Space between slabs 3.35mm


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The difference in performance between Mingjie 2.00mm gang saw blades (diamond segment of 3.35mm) with respect to the current market standard of 3.00mm is an additional 4m2 of slabs per cubic metre of stone block. This means additional 20m2 of slabs in a block of 5m3. In monetary terms, if a slab is sold at a price of €20/m2, it will mean that there is an additional benefit of €400 per block sawed with Mingjie 2.00mm diamond gang saw blades.

Furthermore, the performance of Mingjie 1.50mm gang saw blades (diamond segment of 2.50mm) is an additional 30m2 of slabs from a block of 5m3. Therefore, at an average selling price of €20/m2, the economic benefit gained by using Mingjie 1.50mm diamond gang saw blades is €600 per block.

75Ni8 Steel Mingjie


Technical service is among the main pillars of our company. Therefore, we offer customized service and we give solutions to each particular case. To achieve this, we have teams of industry professionals with a large experience in sawing natural stone with high performance diamond gang saw blades.

We offer dedicated services not just from the perspective of a diamond tools manufacturer. As a leading group in the natural stone industry, we also think from the perspective of a natural stone manufacturer. Therefore, we fully understand the needs of our customers and the importance of a dedicated service.

Among our services, we highlight the following:

  • Advice on the most appropriate blades and diamond segments for each case
  • Assembly of diamond blades on multi-blade gang saw machines
  • After-sales service
  • Recommendation for improving the stone production process
  • Assistance in solving various related issues

We have own teams of professionals experienced in the production of diamond gang saw blades, assembly and installation, and after sales technical service in:

  • China
  • Spain
  • Egypt
  • Turkey

In addition, we are currently in a process of international expansion to offer the advantages of our products and services to more corners of the world.

Technical service for diamond gang saw blades for multi-blade gang saw machines. Sawing marble and natural stone. Mingjie Diamond Tools
Technical service and technical assistance for diamond gang saw blades. Cutting marble and natural stone with multi blade gang saw machines. Mingjie Diamond Tools